Planning Your Event

Our tipis, sailcloth tents and stretch tents are perfect for bohemian and festival style weddings, birthday parties, festivals, garden parties or corporate events.

At LoveTipis we pride ourselves on delivering a quality service from start to finish and our dedicated team will work closely with you to bring your dream to life.


All events are bespoke. At LoveTipis you can add and take off furniture and fittings as your event planning evolves. So be rest assured we will work with you as your event takes shape.

To help you, we have given you some example packages.

Tipis & Structures

Tipis make the perfect venue for your wedding, garden/ birthday party or corporate event. Versatile and suitable for a wide range of locations, our tipis are based on the Lavvu of the Sami people of Scandinavia. They’re easy to warm up and are resilient to adverse weather conditions.


With offices in Brighton and Oxford, we have collaborated with many unique and special venues across the south of England.


If it’s a sit-down event you will want to consider round banqueting tables or rustic trestle tables. We also have a variety of seating available for hire including:

  • A selection of reclaimed vintage benches to match long reclaimed vintage tables
  • Limewash Chiavari banqueting chairs
  • 1940s Beechwood folding chairs with or without soft pads
  • A range of vintage and chill out furniture with and bars to match
  • Relaxed low tables and chill out furniture

Snuggle up on our luxury chill out furniture. We have hand crafted seating using Vintage style apple crates upholstered with real sheepskin lids. Complimented with apple crate tables, let your guests sit down and relax.

See our full range of furniture for hire on



Don’t skimp on power for your event. A reliable power source is essential to keep the party going.

We’re happy to work with other generator suppliers but we recommend hiring a generator through us. We use the highest quality units from the best suppliers in the industry.

We can work out all your power requirements and find you the appropriate generator.

Safety is paramount when planning and operating electrical equipment in sometimes wet British conditions. We plan all aspects ensuring your event goes without disruption, with all equipment PAT-tested, earthed and supplied with appropriate current breakers, leaving you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Get in touch to discuss power requirements for your event.


We’ve teamed up with a leading supplier of mobile toilet units which we can include as part of your package, meaning one less thing to organise, leaving you more time to concentrate on all those other details.

If your event is longer than eight hours and there is going to be a lot of Alcohol purchased it is wise to always choose the bigger units if your numbers are approaching their maximum recommended.

Guide prices are subject to a delivery charge which we’ll confirm for you once we have your chosen site details. Our prices include insurance so you won’t have to go searching for your own cover. All will need power, please ask and we’ll confirm their requirements, but should be fine without water being supplied if you event is only over one night.

  • The luxury 1+1 toilets will be suitable for up to approximately 75 guests.
  • The luxury 2+1 toilets will be suitable for up to approximately 125 guests.
  • The luxury 3+1 toilets will be suitable for up to approximately 175 guests.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about toilet provisions for your event, we’re here to help.


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