Corporate Events

Love Tipis is the only company in the country that has a unique and integrated hard flooring system. This allows us to build on any hard surface creating an exciting and unique event space.

Ballasting is integrated within the wooden floor, enabling us to host corporate events outside your headquarters whatever the surface and with minimum disruption. This is an integrated ballast solution that does not require unsightly concrete weights.

Corporate Events

Green Film Festival, London

We were delighted to create a unique space using our hard flooring system supporting a fully lifted tipi. This unique kit enables us to put on prestigious events onto paved areas within built-up inner-City areas.

A good example of this is when we erected a tipi in Regent's Place London, hosting the Green Film Festival.

Christmas Market

Luna Springs, Birmingham

This was a fantastic winter project where we were contacted to create a bespoke event space on a hard standing forecourt at Luna Springs, Birmingham.

Our in-house craftsmen custom built a unique and wooden hard flooring system in situ that enabled two tan tipis to be erected.

This space was occupied for Christmas parties and used to throw a big New Year’s Eve party. The large wooden oak doors in the middle of the tipis helped create a magical entrance and the durable wooden flooring was perfect for the large footfall of customers passing through its doors. Tipis are not just for the summer but for winter too.

TV, Film and Festivals

BBC Springwatch, Cotswolds

For 2017 the BBC shows Springwatch and Unsprung moved to the village of Sherborne, located in the Cotswolds within the National Trust’s Lodge Park Estate.

They decided to centre the show in two of LoveTipis magnificent Tan tipis, opened up to reveal glorious views of the rolling estate.

The tipis utilised our bespoke wooden flooring system allowing them to be used as the studio for all three weeks of live television.

TV, Film and Festivals

IOW Festival

CCLabs contacted us because they needed a studio for Sky Arts who required an events space to film footage of the IOW festival. For this project, we helped them create a two tipis set up on grass for them to present and film the festival from. We have been collaborating with them four years.

TV, Film and Festivals

Black Dear Festival, Kent

It has been a pleasure working with this client over the last two years where our tipis have featured heavily at the UK’s annual celebration of Country and Americana music.

Christchurch College Summer Ball, Oxford

For this project we worked closely with the client to design a seven tan tipis structure for their Summer Ball.

This is a good example of how the modular structure of tipis can create a unique and free flowing event space.

We were able to link tipis to great effect creating a large circular venue, that contained dinning, with several bars, and a large dancefloor. In the centre of the structure was a carefully built fire bowl that provided the focal piece of the evening on the master’s lawn.


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