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LoveTipis was founded in 2014 after falling in love with the elegant Nordic tipis in rural Scandinavia. We wanted to share the magic and beauty they can bring to any special occasion, so we built this company named for exactly how we feel!

About our structures

Each of our Giant Hat tipis measures over 10 metres in diameter, extending to a diameter of 13 metres with the sides raised. Each tipi stands over 7 metres tall. Using Siberian pine poles and tan or off-white weatherproof canvas, their unique ambience helps create a stunning backdrop for your event.

A tipi provides a unique setting for any occasion in the great outdoors. These versatile structures can be customised, with the sides raised or lowered to create a venue of any size, depending on capacity, and provide an elegant backdrop for your event.

To give you a rough idea of space and capacity- each tipi holds up to 100 guests for a party or 70 guests for a sit-down dinner with sides closed.

Taking care of all the little details, we provide packages including options on lighting, furniture, fittings, and firepits to help create the perfect atmosphere. And we deliver, install and furnish the tents foryou, so all you have to do is add the finishing touches.

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Whatever your requirements, whether it’s a festival vibe, shabby chic or sleek and sophisticated, our tipis can be transformed to fit the bill. We hire tipis for Weddings, Outdoor events, Parties and much more. Our friendly, experienced team are on hand to help you create your perfect day.

Check out our range of tipis and stretch tents, use our quote generator tool to get an approximate cost based on your requirements, or Contact us to find out how we can help.


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