Our no frills guide to planning a tipi event.


Not at all. We are proud to say that we are the only tipi company that can install on hard-standing surfaces too!

Our one-of-a-kind steel frame and flooring system enables us to build on a multitude of hard surfaces making this ideal for corporate events, such as, outside of office buildings and shopping centres, as well as market squares and farmers’ markets.  It is because of this unique structure that no staking is required. This avoids the use of unsightly concrete weights.

This is where an experienced member of the team will come to meet you and review your event site.  This is a great opportunity to talk through all the elements of your day where you will receive lots of experience and great advice obtained from our years of experience and knowledge. At the site visit, we will also be able to look at the practical issues of access, such as, ground conditions and the geology of the site.

We have the widest range of structures and lots of capacity where others might struggle. Please get in touch as we are more than happy to help, with absolutely no obligations.

Yes please, the crew will need access to a toilet and preferably water.


A 10% deposit is required for bookings a year or more in advance.

A 25% deposit is required for bookings for the year ahead.

Once you have requested to book, we will send you an electronic invoice where payments can be made online.

We also accept, credit cards and payment by BACS.

Cash is also accepted and can happily be made in person and in advance of your event.

Yes, you can add and subtract items where availability allows.

We can make changes 4 weeks up until your event (apart from the structures) where availability allows.

To ensure availability, book as soon as required, and we can make changes 4 weeks up until your event.

Please view our love vintage furniture selection.

Final table and seating numbers will be confirmed with you before your final invoice is due (1 month prior to the event). So, we recommend that you let us know as soon as possible if the numbers change so that we can make sure to reserve this for you.

You can remove furnishings and furniture up to 1 month before your event.

Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation; however, we may be able to postpone your event for a small charge.

There is a cooling off period of 14 days after booking and charges may apply depending on the length of time until your event date.  For the full terms, please see section 11.1 of our terms and conditions.

Please click here to find our terms and conditions.

The next step after booking is to arrange a site visit.  At the site visit we will meet you at your venue to discuss your plans in greater detail.  We will also evaluate the site access and surrounding area that will enable us to come up with a site plan. Then next time we’ll be back at the venue will be for the site build for your special day.

If you require a second site visit, you may incur a second charge.

Capacities & Layouts

With tipis it depends on the number of lifts you have. You can fit 120 standing with the front open and up to 80 seated. 

For a small sailcloth tent, you can fit approximately 80 standing for a cocktail party and 70 seated with a floating canopy.  For a large tent you can fit approximately 240 standing and 130 seated.

Our sailcloth tents come in various sizes and can hold anywhere in the region from 54 to 252 guests seated.

Please note that this is all dependant on your event and what items you are looking to put in it.  Click here to see our structures page for floorplans and layouts.

Example floor plans can be found on each of our structure pages.

If, however, your structure isn’t within those examples, please get in touch and we will send over some other examples for you.

First of all, we can send you some example floor plans based on the specific requirements for the event you are planning and then we can create a bespoke table plan for you.

Yes, you can have any table you would like, and it doesn’t have to be from Love Tipis.  Our handmade rustic tables are expertly built from our in-house master craftsmen, and we have a great range of stock and sizes.

Absolutely, all or structures are fully waterproof and capable of handling heavy rain as well as long days in the sunshine.

Yes, they are. Our structures are hand cleaned after each use and our specialist Dandy Dura matting is pressure washed by the crew before each event.

Toilets & Power

Reliable power for your event is one of the most important factors for you to consider as this is vital to your event.

We can provide generators through our trusted supply network and excellent advice where required. Our many years of industry experience means we can take this challenging element of the planning stage away from you if you require.

Each job comes with its own set of unique challenges that we will happily discuss with you either over the phone or on an in-person site visit.

Yes, we can put you in touch with one of our reliable suppliers or if you are sourcing these yourself, please remember to approach a local and reliable supplier.

Setup & Takedown

Our standard hire period is 48 hours. This is the minimum time you will have the structures for.

Usually (for a Friday or Saturday event), we build our structures on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.
We start at 7am and a member of the office team will call to inform you when the crew is on their way.

We dismantle the structures on a Monday or Tuesday.

We try to be as flexible as we can with your set-up and takedown days depending on your venue’s requirements.

We aim to get the smaller and local jobs up in 1 day, so from 9am – 5am (weekdays). If it looks like the build may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances, then we will stay later to finish the job that day.
It will be good to meet you in the morning of the set up to go through positioning and again at the handover. So, you should have most of the day to be available to organise any other elements of your special day.


Yes, a full list of the venues we work with can be found on the venues page. We can also work with any venue that you would like to work with.

No not at all. This will all be assessed at the site assessment and if this is the case, we will strongly advise you have someone always present with the structures (including overnight) to act as a deterrent to passers-by.
The structures are best placed on level ground; however, we can erect them on uneven or sloping ground if you so wish. It is worth noting that furniture and dance floors work best on level ground, so picking a venue with this in mind is highly recommended.

We can assess the most suitable vehicles for your location on the site visit.

The ideal situation would be for us to be able to park our vehicles next to or as close as possible to the build site. This will be determined when we carry out the site visit with you.
At the site visit will we carry out an exercise for any site-specific hazards.


UK weather can be unpredictable; however, all our structures are waterproof.

All our structures come with wind loading figures and this is something we can discuss on your site visit to ensure they can be used in all weather conditions.

In the event of extremely high winds our tipis can become more vulnerable when the sides are raised. 

Therefore, if the weather forecast is looking particularly windy for your event, we may have to limit the number of sides that are raised, or the worst-case scenario will be to drop the sides completely.

We will closely monitor the weather forecast in the build up to and during your event.

In cases of extreme bad weather (and in particular, high gusts of wind), we may decide on safety grounds to move set up and takedown dates depending on the level of risk associated with that particular job. Enabling us to safely provide you with a quality service and end product.


Yes, you can, we just ask you discuss this with us first please.

We do allow candles in the structures as long as they are placed 1 meter away from the structure and on a stable and suitable surface to collect the wax.


The structures come fully insured, however, there is a £500 access on any claim. Part of the insurance element is in the damage waiver, you can opt out of this, however, we require proof you have taken out your own event insurance and this cover must be adequate. For more information, ask us for details.

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