How to have a sustainable wedding – LoveTipi style

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to love the planet; And you don’t have to be vegan to be environmentally aware. But if you’re choosing to get hitched in one of our stunning tipis, you are more than likely to be in touch with nature, want to preserve the natural surroundings and leave […]


If you’re in two minds about a tipi wedding, just think of the Instagram opportunities! There’s something particularly magical about a tipi shot, especially at dusk. Not only more environmentally conscious, because you are going back to nature in a field, they are pretty ‘woke’ for the on trend eco-conscious bride and groom who are […]

Make it a December to remember: why winter weddings rock

There is something bewitching about a winter wedding. The romance of twirling around in the crisp dusk air and wrapping up in each others arms, with a live saxophonist playing your favourite tune. January and February weddings are becoming much more popular as it goes against the norm, and gives guests something to look forward to in the dismal early months of […]