If you’re in two minds about a tipi wedding, just think of the Instagram opportunities! There’s something particularly magical about a tipi shot, especially at dusk.

Not only more environmentally conscious, because you are going back to nature in a field, they are pretty ‘woke’ for the on trend eco-conscious bride and groom who are looking to reduce the environmental impact of their big day; Having a green wedding can be the most elegant way to make a statement. The carbon footprint of any large event can be quite high. Here are a few tasteful ways to turn your dream wedding into a sustainable one.


Whether you have visions of walking down the aisle wearing vintage crochet, foraged flower headpiece and no shoes, or something a bit more traditional, you can even get blessed in a meadow. However, you will still have to get married in a licensed permanent structure, with a roof over it, but an open location is a glorious place for the newlyweds to get blessed by the registrar.


Less is more when it comes to decorations. For a truly authentic experience keep it subtle and in keeping with your natural surroundings. Enhance the space with natural greenery which is growing in the fields and dress the tables with foraged flowers and leaves.

For the ultimate fairy-tale day, tipis in a forest transport you to never land! Creating a wild, rustic setting, which you don’t have to spend too much money on making look authentic. Add mix n match decorations such as chalkboard, bunting, odd crockery and jam jar glasses. Car boot sales a treasure trove for mismatched vintage teacups, crockery, trunks, books, lampshades and so on, and tipis lend themselves well to decoration. As do our shabby chic tables and benches, lashing of fairy lights and candles in jars.


Choosing a woodland, garden or meadow, is a great option for the bride and groom who veer towards something quirky and unique, and having your celebration in a tipi means you can make it as personal as you want- creating a day to remember for you and all your guests.

Homemade decorations and place names add to the authenticity- using natural materials like birch bark and driftwood or twigs are easy to create in advance and can be recycled for use in your garden after the big day or given as Favours to the guests.

Try and avoid plastic, and don’t forget your recycling bins, and you’re ready to go and enjoy!


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